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Nikola Tesla: Life and Work of a Genius

Contents include:

In Honor of Tesla's Genius by Milan Bulajić  ·  Nikola Tesla, the Man, Engineer, Humanist and Innovator by Frank Jenkins  ·  The Inventions and Inspiration of Nikola Tesla by Veljko Korać  ·  Nikola Tesla and Energy in the Modern World by Tomo Bosanac  ·  Motors - Mankind's Power by J.C. White  ·  Generators - Meeting Today's and Tomorrow's Needs by Dean Harrington and Karl Drexler  ·  Electrical Energy Transmission by Charles Wagner  ·  Light Sources - Past, Present and Future by Roland Morin  ·  Nikola Tesla - the Founder of Radiocommunications by Vojin Popović  ·  Research of Nikola Tesla in the Light of his Diary from Colorado Springs by Vojin Popović  ·  Bibliography of Nikola Tesla's Writings  ·  Chronology of Important Events Concerning the Life and Work of Nikola Tesla