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Tesla and Famous Men

In the course of his fruitful life Tesla was primarily devoted to science, scientific research and inventions. To these he even subordinated his private life working untiringly up to twenty hours a day.

His genius for engineering, the revolutionary nature of his inventions and the international fame he achieved brought him in touch with many of the world’s prominent personalities either through business or science or on a purely human basis. In order to protect his authorship of several patents he had to take legal action even against famous scientists such as G. Marconi. He had friendly relations with many famous men including the American writers R. A. Johnson and Mark Twain, the musicians Paderewski and Dvorak, etc. with whom he associated during his few moments of leisure. He also retained contact with prominent Yugoslav scientists, authors and artists as for instance Mihajlo Pupin, Ivan Meštrović, Jovan Cvijić, Jovan Jovanovic-Zmaj, Zlatko Baloković, etc. All these contacts clearly showed Tesla’s complete devotion to science, his broad-mindedness and love for his native country and interest in its prosperity. We are publishing a few details on this aspect of his life.

George Westinghouse, American industrialist, was among the first to realize the epoch-making nature of Tesla’s induction motor and polyphase system and bought his patents. He helped Tesla a great deal, and Tesla, in return, renounced all his royalties (about 10 million dollars worth) when the company was in a financial crisis.