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Tesla Coil Secrets: Construction Notes and Novel Uses

Be the first on your block to blast your neighborhood with high voltage! Shock the socks off your friends and relatives! Zap those pesky cats digging in the garbage can! Make people think you really are building a Frankenstein monster in your basement!

As you know, a Tesla coil is a high voltage transformer. Nikola Tesla used it at the turn of the century to generate lightning bolts and to investigate the wireless transmission of electrical power.

This fascinating book is not really a how-to-build book. Actually, an avid researchers who has built several coils has accumulated articles, clippings, notes, and bits-and-pieces over the years has opened up his scrapbooks to us.

You'll see all the interesting hints, plans, and wiring diagrams gleaned from early magazines the ceased publication decades ago along with formulas, notes, and observations he believes are important for building powerful coils. Many of the old articles are so detailed that you can probably use them to build a powerful experimental coil. There are notes on one machine that could kick out five-foot lightning bolts.

If you're really into Tesla coils, you may have seen a few of these clippings already. But I'll bet there are others you haven't seen. You'll get info on rotary spark gaps, anti-kickback devices, Leyden jar capacitor construction, conical Tesla coils, Oudin coils, and suggestions on research into wireless power transmission, plant growth stimulation, medical uses, and more.

Many of the reprinted articles are fuzzy and a few hard to read. Most have been enlarged to bring out the construction details, and have been reprinted in their entirety. The difficult searching has been done. You can spend your time building and experimenting.

Be warned! You'll be working with high-voltage high-frequency devices from another era. Tesla coils can be very dangerous. But maybe you can be the one to rediscover the secrets Tesla didn't have time to pursue or reveal.

Rare info! Too bad the book isn't ten times bigger. Get a copy for the reference library if for no other reason. Interesting reading. Recommended!

Date published:
January 1st, 1985
8.5 x 5.8 x 0.5 inches
Page count: