Letters to and from, or regarding Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Letters

Letters to and from, or regarding Nikola Tesla

September 19th, 1899 letter from Nikola Tesla to George Scherff

Colorado Springs, Sept. 19, 1899

Dear Mr. Scherff,

I wish to tell you that Mr. Loewenstein is returning to New York. He has been unable to do me and himself justice since some time. Climate seemingly not agreeing with him. I want him to cooperate with Mr. Uhlman to advance the design of apparatus under way and such as I may need. He has intended that he may leave but this should make the difference, as I have found him to be thoroughly trustworthy and a gentleman. He knows of some approaches I need now and both he and Mr. Uhlman should try to let me have it as soon as possible. Check for #200 inclosed.

I have not sent check for Mr. Unger. Please tell him that it was convenient for me to postpone payment as my expenses have been greater than expected.

Keep me posted on all.

N. Tesla