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Thomas Commerford Martin

Thomas Commerford Martin, one of Tesla's closest friends


Between us and the sun stretches the tenuous, sensitive ether, and every sensation of light that the eye experiences is caused by the effect of five hundred trillions of waves every second impressed...

An Authoritative Account of Some of His Recent Electrical Work.Ā¹ Skobeleff, the great Russian general, once said of the political conditions in Central Asia, that they changed every moment; hence the...

SERVIAN poetry has so distinct a charm that Goethe is said to have learned the musical tongue in which it is written rather than lose any of its native beauty. History does not record, however, any...


Electrical problems of the present day lie largely in the economical transmission of power and in the radical imĀ­provement of the means and methods of illumination. To many workers and thinkers in the...

This 24 page article was extracted from the book: Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla , by Thomas Commerford Martin.


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