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Dr. Spark discusses W.W.T. 2013 (Western Winter Teslathon)

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Good day great Coilers and HV Enthusiasts,

In less than three weeks the 8th Western Winter Teslathon (W.W.T.) will be held on March 2nd. What a great time to share a hobby with high-voltage enthusiasts indeed! Henry and I are in the midst of planning layouts, tables and power disruption. Since the food worked out so well last year with everyone bringing a dish, soda, and dessert; it will be the same again this year.

The food will be served around 2 p.m. (get very hungry running grounds, control panels and setting up coils). Last year we had grazers still eating at 12 p.m. A quote from Chris on 4HV “Looking forward to it! For those of age, I'm considering brewing up a special Tesla-themed batch of beer for the 'thon.'”

A lot of new RSVP's this year, even one from Germany! Still cannot believe this will be the 8th year, as the W.W.T. has come a long way from the first W.W.T. Henry's lab was not done yet and only a handful of people attended. This year there will be a DRSSTCs, VTTCs, SPARK GAP coils, lasers and other HV equipment, rumor that Steve may bring something? Eric and Jeff have a surprise to display and of course the Tesla band connecting coils to instruments from Sax to Guitars. I have a new little Bi-Polar this year to add to the collection and of course the big Bi-Polar will be there singing in harmony with the new baby Bi-polar and Henry's baby Bi from last year. The large cage of death will be back this year with both Eric's and Jeff's large DRSSTC's pounding on both sides.

Last year we set a new record with 12 people packed in the “Cage of Death!”

The 8th year should be another great Thon and I look forward to seeing everyone again... only three weeks away! See you March 2nd.

Best regards,