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Nikola Tesla - Search for the Lost Lab

Submitted by cameron on January 9, 2018 at 5:27pm

Tonight’s the night. The second episode is only a few hours away from airing and I’m eager to see the finished product. We had such a great time in CO. I have to say that I feel the most connection to Tesla in this town. Tesla spent about 6 months here, which although is not a long time, I feel like he conducted some of his best and most impressive experiments here.

Tesla chose the CO Springs for several reasons. None of which, I’m sure, had anything to do with the beauty of the landscape. But it’s truly magnificent. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, I highly recommend it. And if you do visit, make sure you check out “The Rabbit Hole”. Great food.

I’ve included the famous lightning pic with this post. I love this pic, as most people do. Many people don’t realize that this photo was done as a “double exposure”, today’s version would be “photoshop”. (I was talking with my wife about this, and wondered if this was Tesla’s idea or the photographer’s…)

I hope you enjoy the show, and if you want to read more about CO Springs check out this article: Lighting the Sky

Thanks for stopping by and, Welcome to the Universe!

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