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Nikola Tesla - A Suspect in Serbia

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So, our next episode is a few couple of days away, and I feel like this will be the best show yet. I’ve been vegging out today watch back to back episodes of Naked and Afraid (don’t judge), and I think the promo for Tesla’s Death Ray (Serbia edition) looks pretty badass.

I’ve dreamed of going to Serbia since I was a kid, and was able to make the trek in 2006. Of course, my first stop was the Nikola Tesla Museum. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to gain access to any of the documents I wanted to see and was limited on time due to the museum’s hours of operation (and the fact that it took forever to get there. I can make lightning but I can’t read Serbian street signs).

This time, though, we got an all-access, behind the scenes pass! Sweet. Being able to see some of this stuff was truly a dream come true. We were all impressed with not only the amount of time and attention was put into preserving these documents, but how much care the staff put into every detail of the museum. I got to meet the museum’s curator, Milica Kesler, the former director, Vladimir Jelenković, and most importantly, I got to see my friend and fellow Tesla historian Zorica Civrić. If you don’t know anything about Zorica, I can tell you this. The woman is a Tesla badass (maybe we can get an interview with her at some point…what do you think, Zorica?)

I hope you all enjoy the show on Tuesday.

Thank for stopping by, and Welcome to the Universe.