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W.W.T. 2011 - Winter Western Teslathon Follow-Up

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It was another great Teslathon with Henry (Dr. Hankenstein) and Chris (Dr. Spark) in Phoenix, Arizona. I've heard more than one person say it was the best W.W.T. yet and I have to agree. The weather was perfect as always, maybe a little drier this year, but certainly a nice break from the rough winter we've been having back east this year. There were so many coils this year that Henry and Chris didn't even get to run all of theirs. The cage of death was a huge hit and Terry's “Dr. Zeus” act never fails to impress.

We had a very positive response to the live streaming video and plan to provide it at every Teslathon we attend. Thanks to everyone that played a part in making the first televised Teslathon a reality.

Phillip and I have added all of our photos to the W.W.T. 2011 - Winter Western Teslathon photo gallery. And finally, I've completed the processing and uploading of all the HD video from the event to the Tesla Universe YouTube Channel.

Thanks to Henry and Chris for another great year. The next Teslathon we'll attend will be Ed Wingate's in August. Chris has confirmed that he will be attending, so this will be a chance for all you east coast coilers to finally meet Mr. Plexiglas himself. We're looking forward to it.

Cameron Prince
Tesla Universe founder and CEO