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2011 Ed Wingate / Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders (R.A.T.C.B.) Teslathon

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We're gearing up for another great Teslathon with Ed Wingate in Brockport, New York this coming weekend (August 26th and 27th). This will be Ed's 19th year of hosting the Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders (R.A.T.C.B.) Teslathon and my 5th year of attendance. Much like the previous 18 years, we expect to have numerous coils and other high voltage demonstrations including musical coils, Ed's magnifier, the Cage of Death and much more. There is also a special tribute planned for Harry Goldman (editor of the T.C.B.A.) as this will be the first Wingate Teslathon since his passing away late last year.

We'll be streaming the event live here on the website as we did with the W.W.T. 2011. We did invest in some new gear and will actually be able to move around with the camera this time. Our hope is to be able to do interviews and make the experience as much like actually being at the event as possible. We will begin streaming some time Friday night once all the equipment is set up. The stream will begin Saturday morning around 10 or 11 EST.

We'll post updates as we can beginning Friday night.

Cameron Prince
Tesla Universe founder and CEO