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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Will the U.S. Government Ever Tell Its Tesla Secrets?

October 16th, 1995
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There’s a lot more to be said about Tesla’s work in electrostatic technology. No one seems to know anything about Tesla’s DC machine. Examine Figure 39 in my book, Nikola Tesla On His Work with AC. Tesla lost no time in replacing this machine after the fire in his lab on South 5th Avenue. He preferred to operate his resonator systems from a DC source, but how did this machine work? Tesla remarks that the machine was a 100hp unit. With some ingenuity, Tesla was able to produce high (50kV and greater) DC currents continuously at significant amperage.

All this suggests a rotating-vane capacitor where energy is required to rotate charged vanes to a higher potential. Refer to Thomas C. Martin’s book, pages 392-3. I believe the embryo of the technology approach emerged that early; i.e., in reverse. It’s doubtful that the actual mechanism used corona transfer, which was widely used in electrostatic devices in air, because the theoretical efficiency is only 50%.

A photograph of the Wardenclyffe installation in final construction shows eight cables rising to the rafters. These must have been DC lines because it seems that losses would be too great for lead lines of such a length in the resonant circuit. Also examine Figure 38 in my book. The original photo is poor. I cannot figure out what is being represented by the device associated with the capacitor. Is it the machine mechanism shown in Figure 39?

A docudrama on Tesla is in progress, and I am pleased to have been asked to serve as a consultant. U.S. Department of Defense officers who are interviewed on camera stated off camera that what they have said could not have been said three years ago. They would not elaborate, but the suggestion was that there is more to be said about Tesla, but it remains classified.

Most science/technology historians say that the idea that Tesla was involved with the military is hogwash, and they insinuate that anyone who says otherwise is part of the fringe community. As a result, Tesla has been denied his proper status in the scientific/engineering community because, whereas the military and security agents were gathering up Tesla’s papers after his death so no one could see them, they have been reluctant to accord him the proper credit which would explain why they were so concerned about his papers. If that isn’t the most shameful example of disregard by this government of one of its country’s greatest scientist/ inventors, I don’t know what is.


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