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Tesla was granted nearly 200 patents worldwide
46 (No Model.) No. 514,169. M Witnesses Netter Rophail R.F. Gaylord N. TESLA. RECIPROCATING ENGINE. By H Patented Feb. 6, 1894. THE NATIONAL LTD COMPANY, WA FOOL R Bio Attorneys M |--K Inventor

T ) T (Serial Number,) (Ex'r's Book;) 4835-631893. rebook. 514169. Das 18. Nikola Tesla 201 / 3 Patent No. it el New Yorks Reciprocating Engined Aug 19, 1893. 4 Of. County of State of Invention Parts

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50 1 Cancelld an 13,93 ? B as noperature. shum & described, Sir:- Hon. Cormis si oner of Patents, follows: Room 243 In the Hatter of the App li cat ion of Nikola Tesla, No. 483,563, Filed Aug. 19

) ( T T [ perly applied to the air cushion shown but this is evidently made under some misapprehension. See Webst er, under "Spring" Knight's Mechanical Dictionary, and any work on mechanics in which

52 of either the objects of applicants unvention nor of the me ans described in the claims for accomplishing it. The claims express and we believe correctly, the law of isochronous vibration as

T } 1 1 1 J ommunications should be addrand to "The Lemmissioner of Patents. Webington, D. C." DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, Venited Plates Patent 140 5 1865 NOVS 1893 S. PATENT OFFICE. Qiashington, K.C

54 confrecuon in degree equal". 8 on each sider In the operation of the device as shown and described the inschronous vibration. the moving farts would affear to defend on two springs, the histon J

T 1 mation abould be as treated to The Commissioner of Patents, Upshington, D. C. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, Venited States Patent Office, Washington, K.C.,. also held to be clearly functional

56 TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: BE IT KNOWN, That I, NIKOLA TESLA, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, in the County and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful

J J T 1 J JIJLJ The invention is based upon certain well known mechanical principles a statement of which will ass ist in a better understanding of the nature and purposes of the objects sought and

58 immediate part. This is known to be true in all cases where the force which tends to bring the spring or mo va ble system into a given position is proportionate to the displacement. In carrying out

JUJILIJULIU 133 LJUJEJLIG3133300 3 tenance of iso chronous vibration, and also to better utilize the heat generated by the compression, to employ an independent plunger connected with the main piston

60 respectively. I do not consider as of special importance the particular con st ruct ion and arrangement of the cylinder, the piston and the ports for controlling it, except that it is desirable

4 The main supply pipe L for steam or compressed air leads in to this chamber, and the two pipes that lead to the cylinder A run from the said chamber, oil cups M being con ve ni ent ly arranged to

62 Jusut 6. mm.13.93 its movement the piston has shut off at a given point, the pressure that impelled it and established the pressure that tends to return it, it is then impelled in the opposite

JUJEJOLCULL LODDD ( no mal. In construct ing the apparatus I allow for a variation in the length of stroke by giving to the con fining cylinder I of the air spring properly determined dimensions. The

64 The Teren spring a prefertim to apply Air Cushion sto 2 Not sun. to be subjected to and it may be successfully used as a prime mover wherever a constant rate of oscillation or speed is required

JJ (JUJ JJ CJUILLILJ autstitute. In. 13.93 Gram Mosman san Copeland Allison Having now described my invention, what I clsim is; 1. A reciprocat ing engine comprising a cylinder and piston, and a

66 with the piston, a jacket forming a chamber around the around air con since air spring through which the steam or compressed gas is it would be impossible 1. develop a teen in wat no pout. forming

JJ LJ LJ 33L DJ DJ D b Hon. Commissioner of Patents, Sir: - as follows: Room 243. In the Matter of the Application of Nikola Tesla, No 433,563, Filed August 19, 1893, Reciprocating Engines. November

68 2 " pressure, and an air spring ma intained in vibration by the movements of the piston, the piston and spring being related in substantially the mammer described so that the forces which tend to

3 J } T J used as a cigar lighter. In applicant's device the compression of the air at one end of the cylinder may be easily such as to give rise to a very high temperature. The metal cylinder being a

70 portionate to the displacement it being assumed that the impulses impelling the piston are properly. applied. This is an expression of a well known physical law and we do not see how it can be more

J13 J1) 3 T J serial number, date of filing, and title of invention. reepeeting this application should give 3 Nikola Tesla, Duncan & Page, 120 Broadway, 248. Room No. Alleations should to edirerad to

72 Hon. Commissioner of Patents, Sir:- Room 248. In the Matter of the Application of Nikola Tesla, No. 483,563, Filed Aug. 19, 1893, Reciprocating Engines. New York, January 3d, 1894. In the matter of