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New R.A.T.C.B. Group Featuring Photos From Recent Teslathon

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For close to two decades now, coilers and Tesla enthusiasts from across the U.S. converge in Rochester, New York for the annual Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders Teslathon hosted by Ed Wingate. It's a great time of fellowship, fun and food and many make it a point to never miss. The event is normally held the last weekend of August each year and for 2009, fell on August, 29th.

Highlights include Steve Ward's new 7+ foot tall DRSSTC, Terry Blake's musical coils and his Dr. Zeus Faraday suit, plus David Rieben demonstrating the Arczilla.

A new R.A.T.C.B. group page has been set up which contains a gallery with photos taken by Phillip Slawinski and myself. Ed has also provided Tesla Universe with exclusive photos from previous years which will be added to the gallery in the near future.

It was another great year for the R.A.T.C.B. Teslathon and we hope for many more to come. Thank you Ed and Cheryl for your hospitality and for opening your home and lab for this event. We are already looking forward to next year.