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Carborundum - What is It?

Q. 4692. Carborundum - What is It? - In reading an account of one of Tesla's remarkable lectures, I noticed the statement that the luminous portion of one of his extraordinary lamps was made of “...
Type: article - Added: 9/7/2017

Nikola Tesla and His Work

We give in what follows some liberal extracts from a recent paper in the Times, by John Foord, which is an excellent resumé of the remarkable investigations of Nikola Tesla! “Of the energy that goes...
Type: article - Added: 9/29/2011

New Phenomena Shown by Tesla

The Electrical World makes the following comments on Tesla’s lecture at the Electrical Congress in Chicago. The lecture delivered by Mr. Tesla at Chicago on Friday evening of last week was a...
Type: article - Added: 9/28/2011

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, a town of Croatia, Austria-Hungary, in 1857. He received his early education at Carlstadt in Croatia, and as he developed, even in his boyhood, a fondness for...
Type: article - Added: 9/28/2011

Tesla's Electrical Discoveries

At the recent meeting of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Nikola Tesla, of Columbia College, New York, described and illustrated in a lecture some of the most remarkable discoveries in...
Type: article - Added: 9/24/2011

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