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3 Tesla Inventions

Famous Scientist to Tell Them Tomorrow. Nikola Tesla, physicist and inventor, will have not one but three startling discoveries to announce at a press luncheon on the occasion of his seventy-ninth...
Type: article - Added: 8/10/2017

Tesla is 80 Today

Inventor to Receive Two Foreign Decorations Eighty years ago today at Smiljan, Lika, on what was the border of the old Austro-Hungarian empire, Nikola Tesla was born. The great inventor to whom the...
Type: article - Added: 8/10/2017

Tesla's X-Ray Experiment.

To the Editor of The Sun — Ever since Nikola Tesla died on January 7 I have been wondering where I filed a clipping from some paper of the 1890s which told of his early experiment with Roentgen rays...
Type: article - Added: 8/10/2017

Invents Peace Ray

Tesla Describes His Beam of Destructive Energy Invention of a “beam of matter moving at high velocity” which would act as a “beam of destructive energy” was announced today by Dr. Nikola Tesla, the...
Type: article - Added: 8/10/2017

Tesla Predicts Power by Radio

Foresees It Running Airplanes and Providing Light for Explorers. Power transmission by wireless soon will give the world undreamed of marvels in transportation and comfort, Nikola Tesla, the Jules...
Type: article - Added: 8/10/2017

The Sun's Rays

They Smiled at Tesla's Radio Vision Recalling What the Great Scientist Had Prophesied Many Years Ago. It is not necessary to explore the map to realize that the desolate spot on the far and frozen...
Type: article - Added: 1/4/2016

Death-Ray Machine Described

Dr. Tesla Says Two of Four Necessary Pieces of Apparatus Have Been Built Amplifying his birthday anniversary announcement of the prospective invention of an electrical death-ray, or force beam, that...
Type: article - Added: 1/2/2016

Willard and Tesla Advocate Repeal

B. & O. Head and Edison's Aid Condemn Prohibition. Daniel Willard, president of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and Nikola Tesla, the inventor, have come out openly against the Eighteenth...
Type: article - Added: 8/11/2015

Tesla Nearly Missed His Calling

Former Roommate in University Tells of Inventor's Early Life. By Charles M. Meister Special Correspondence to The Sun. Copyright, 1931, by The New York Sun Foreign Service. Belgrade, Aug. 16. —...
Type: article - Added: 8/11/2015

Linking the Planets.

What Nikola Tesla said on his birthday about the possibilities of sending electric power to other planets is likely to seem to most persons no more than a fantastic dream. For centuries, indeed,...
Type: article - Added: 8/11/2015

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