The Sun's Rays

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August 5th, 1933
They Smiled at Tesla's Radio Vision Recalling What the Great Scientist Had Prophesied Many Years Ago. It is not necessary to explore the map to realize that the desolate spot on the far and frozen Anadyr River where Mattern was forced down is indeed remote. For it was beyond the utmost reaches of the radio. Reliance upon that encircling service was considered worldwide, which practically it is. But it was the misfortune or distinction of the youthful and intrepid Texan who rides clouds instead of cattle to come to earth in a No Man's Land of emptiness and ice beyond the regions of the radio... continue reading »

Death-Ray Machine Described

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July 11th, 1934
Dr. Tesla Says Two of Four Necessary Pieces of Apparatus Have Been Built Amplifying his birthday anniversary announcement of the prospective invention of an electrical death-ray, or force beam, that would make any country impregnable in time of war, Dr. Nikola Tesla says that two of the four pieces of necessary apparatus already have been constructed and tested. Four machines combine in the production and use of this destructive beam, which, according to Dr. Tesla would wipe out armies, destroy airplanes and level fortresses at a range limited only by the curvature of the earth. These four... continue reading »

Willard and Tesla Advocate Repeal

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June 22nd, 1932
B. & O. Head and Edison's Aid Condemn Prohibition. Daniel Willard, president of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, and Nikola Tesla, the inventor, have come out openly against the Eighteenth Amendment. Mr. Willard took the view yesterday that the modification of the law must be obtained before business conditions can become satisfactory again. Mr. Tesla looked at it from a medical stand, saying that the curtailment of alcoholic beverages removed a “harmless stimulant” from the nation's diet. Mr. Willard said that he was inclined to be sympathetic with the thought that the revision of the... continue reading »

Tesla Nearly Missed His Calling

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August 27th, 1931
Former Roommate in University Tells of Inventor's Early Life. By Charles M. Meister Special Correspondence to The Sun. Copyright, 1931, by The New York Sun Foreign Service. Belgrade, Aug. 16. — Nikola Tesla, who, just before his seventy-fifth birthday announced in America a new invention which he expects to revolutionize power production, narrowly escaped on several occasions a premature end to his scientific career. His father was an Orthodox priest, and his mother the sister of an Orthodox bishop. They wanted him to become a priest. At one time he seemed likely to become an invalid. Later... continue reading »

Linking the Planets.

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July 14th, 1931
What Nikola Tesla said on his birthday about the possibilities of sending electric power to other planets is likely to seem to most persons no more than a fantastic dream. For centuries, indeed, interplanetary communication has been one of man's most fascinating and persistent dreams, each advance in aeronautics and radio seemingly bringing nearer its realization. Tesla's admission that be has developed a means which will enable man to transmit electric energy from this globe to another planet may arouse anew all the old speculations about what kinds of living creatures, if they inhabit other... continue reading »

Tesla Celebrates His 75th Birthday

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July 11th, 1931
For thirty-seven years Nikola Tesla has been outdreaming other scientists and and inventors. But his fantasies of the nineties became the realities of the nineteen hundreds. Celebrating his 75th birthday he projects interplanetary exchanges of energy which will end stellar isolation. Back in 1894 a long, lean, almost cadaverous, looking man used to enthrall Ward McAllister and other playboys at Delmonico's with dissertations on the fly — and how he could fly! And maybe man would get that way some day, too. That was Nikola Tesla from the kingdom of Lika, on the borders of Austria-Hungary, but... continue reading »

Tesla, Inventor, 75 Today

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July 10th, 1931
Electrical Scientist Still Works After Making Many Important Discoveries. Nikola Tesla, electrical inventor, was 75 years old today. He was presented with a volume containing letters of felicitation and congratulation from about one hundred inventors and scientists all over the world. Tesla has left behind him three quarters of a century of high achievement, says the Associated Press, being generally considered the father both of radio and of modern power generation and transmission, but it is in the fourth quarter he expects to do his greatest work. Among the authors of the congratulatory... continue reading »

Tesla Certain of His New Power

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July 10th, 1933
Inventor Says Only Details Remain to Be Checked. The closing of experiments which reveal the availability of a hitherto untapped reservoir of energy, to be developed through simple machines which will last 500 years was announced today by Nikola Tesla, inventor and physicist. Mr. Tesla chose his seventy-seventh birthday for his announcement, which was in reality an amplification of an announcement first made on his seventy-fifth. Even now, however, details remain to be checked before the findings may be published and the source of the power revealed. Mr. Tesla has, however completed and... continue reading »

Nikola Tesla.

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January 8th, 1943
As an inventor Nikola Tesla had the unusual experience of living for half a century after some of his most important discoveries and developments were announced to the world. He was thus able to see the application, improvement and consequences of a number of basic electrical inventions. Tesla's motor and his system of alternating current power transmission were devised in 1888; three years later he brought out a transformer, and by 1896 was experimenting with wireless. He shared with numerous other inventors, however, the more common experience of advancing some of his scientific ideas long... continue reading »

Tesla's Flashes Startling

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July 17th, 1903
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But He Won’t Tell What He Is Trying For at Wardencliffe (sic). Wardencliffe (sic), L. I., July 16 — Natives hereabouts are intensely interested in the nightly electrical display shown from the tall tower and poles in the grounds where Nicola (sic) Tesla is conducting his experiments in wireless telegraphy and telephony. All sorts of lightning were flashed from the tall tower and poles last night. For a time the air was filled with blinding streaks of electricity which seemed to shoot off into the darkness on some mysterious errand. The display continued until after midnight. This morning... continue reading »