Inventors of Radio - Nikola Tesla

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April, 1963
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Nikola Tesla was an extremely visionary person — even bordering on the neurotic — who had the uncanny habit of making most of his visions come true. This is attested to by the more than 900 patents to his credit, many of which were fundamental. His other visions were mostly ahead of his time. Like others who have accomplished things, he preferred his workshop to society.

In Search of Fireball Lightning

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March, 1985
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The author’s latest experiments have provided new insight into one of physics’ biggest mysteries. Here’s a report on those rather unique experiments, and the results that they produced. Nikola Tesla’s achievements and discoveries have done much to shape modem electronics. After all, among his patents are those for the AC motor and the tuned circuit. But none of his achievements were more spectacular than his legendary 12.5-million volt Tesla Coil. The coil was built in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1899, as part of TesIa’s experiments in worldwide communications (although some say he was also... continue reading »

The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla

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August, 1983
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Although now largely forgotten, Nikola Tesla was either responsible for, or predicted, much of the technology we now take for granted. Here’s a look at the life and achievements of that fascinating man. Ask any electrical engineering student today to tell you something about Nikola Tesla, and you are likely to get a blank stare. Or the counter-question: Who was Tesla? It seems preposterous that our educators should have ignored entirely the “father” of our AC age, but such is the fact. Something should be done about our technical education system. Born July 9, 1956 in the village of Smiljan... continue reading »

Project Tesla - In Search of an Answer to Our Energy Needs

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February, 1981
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A new approach to existing technology that could produce radiation-free fusion power plants in the near future. For many years we have looked for a way of holding very hot gases without the use of magnetic fields. About 11 years ago (1968), we here at Project Tesla began looking into some of the research of Nikola Tesla, who in 1899 was experimenting with an international power and communicating system. During his experiments he was repeatedly producing small fireballs that persisted for many seconds after his coil (which at that time was generating 12-million volts) was turned off. He then... continue reading »

Pioneers of Radio: Nikola Tesla

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October, 1980
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Tesla is best known (by those who know of him at all) as the genius who conceived, invented, designed and put into operation our alternating current electrical system, without which much of the Electrical Age would never have come into being. That invention — or series of inventions — freed the world from dependence on direct current, which limited the distance that power could be transmitted to a mile or two from the generating station. Others know him as a dreamer who proposed such grandiose schemes as exciting the earth at its fundamental frequency and thus transmitting information — or... continue reading »

12-Million Volts

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June, 1976
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Recreating the past to solve future needs. Robert K. Golka has duplicated apparatus designed in 1899 by Nikola Tesla, with the hopes of making nuclear fusion a feasible source of energy. In the summer of 1899, Nikola Tesla, possibly the world’s greatest engineer, set up an experimental laboratory or station near Colorado Springs with the intention (he told curious reporters and residents) of “sending a telegram from Pike’s Peak to Paris.” It is highly possible that long-distance wireless communication was the main objective of his work there, but he was probably also interested in wireless... continue reading »