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Margaret Cheney

Margaret Cheney, author of "Tesla: Man Out of Time"


It's not an easy task to classify Tesla authors, but I place Margaret Cheney at number three, ahead of the earliest biographer, John J. O'Neill, as my pick for best Nikola Tesla biographer. Her initial work, "Tesla: Man Out of Time" is a must-read for any Tesla enthusiast. And we certainly can't forget the follow-up in "Tesla: Master of Lightning" which she co-authored with Robert Uth.

Cheney went beyond prior biographers by being the first to be able to include content obtained from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia in her biography content and references. This provided a new perspective to some of the theories proposed in prior works and revealed new facts about significant portions of Tesla's life.

Master of Lightning is a quintessential coffee table book anyone would could be proud to display. The photography and design of the book is beautiful. You can really feel the passion from the authors, even just browsing through the pages.

I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Margaret Cheney, but her spirit has inspired me, nonetheless.

Thank you, Margaret, and Godspeed.


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