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2010 Ed Wingate / Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders (R.A.T.C.B.) Teslathon

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We just returned from another great Teslathon hosted by Ed Wingate in Brockport, N.Y. This was Ed's 18th Teslathon and my fourth year to attend. We missed Harry Goldman, but otherwise, this was one of the best yet. All the coils ran smoothly, the weather was perfect and everyone was safe and had a great time.

A few of the highlights include a great new DRSSTC created by Dan Davis of the Boston Science Museum, Ed Wingate's comment about driving a flower (inside joke) and we learned that Rich Rolison is the one to ask if you need to know if the bar is open. Also, Steve Ward, Terry Blake and Jeff Larson (The Masters of Lightning) have made several improvements to their coils, equipment and props. They really put on a very entertaining, top-notch demonstration.

Please take a look at the 2010 R.A.T.C.B. Teslathon Gallery for photos Phillip and I took at the event. You can see HD videos of the coils on the Tesla Universe YouTube channel.

Our next event will be Richard Hull's T.C.B.O.R. / H.E.A.S. conference in Richmond, VA coming up in a few weeks. Hope to see you there.

Cameron Prince
Tesla Universe founder and CEO