Nikola Tesla Air-Friction Waltham Speedometer For Sale

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A nice specimen of Tesla's Air-Friction Speedometer based on U.S. patents 1,274,816 and 1,209,359 is now available for sale on eBay at:

A rare chance to own a true piece of Tesla history.

Setting the record straight on Nikola Tesla's East Houston laboratory.

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The only known photo showing a glimpse of the building (far right) which had served as Tesla's Houston St. lab.
The only known photo showing a glimpse of the building (far right) which had served as Tesla's Houston St. lab.

Author Martin Hill Ortiz has just published some very interesting research on Tesla's East Houston Street laboratory. His research has uncovered what seems to be the only existing photo containing a glimpse of the laboratory.

You can read the full story at:

New TCBA T-shirts Now Available

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The TCBA logo is one of the most iconic symbols in Tesla coiling and Tesla Universe has made a limited production run of new shirts featuring the it.

Get yours today while supplies last.

Tesla Universe releases previously unpublished documents from Nikola Tesla

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If you know anything about Nikola Tesla, you've probably heard the story of him blowing out the power plant in Colorado Springs with his 20-million-volt magnifying transformer. Thanks to the late William "Bill" Wysock, you can now see the receipt for the repair work performed to restore power to Colorado Springs, documenting this historic event.

Bill Wysock Introduction for new Nikola Tesla Documents Archive from Tesla UniverseThe late William "Bill" Wysock introduces the documents from Nikola Tesla.Here on this 159th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla, Tesla Universe is proud to release these never-before-published documents. We honor Bill for his contribution and thank him for his... continue reading »

Plans for Building Tesla Coils and Other High-Voltage Devices

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The “Big TC” has inspired several generations of Tesla coil builders.
The “Big TC” has inspired several generations of Tesla coil builders.

One of the goals of Tesla Universe is to foster the growth and development of young experimenters. I'm pleased to let you know that we're taking another step in that direction by providing a new Plans section for our builder resources area. This will be a place where those considering building a Tesla coil (or other high-voltage project) can review the work done by others and discuss mistakes and improvements, or why one design might be better for them than others.

To get the section started, I posted four sets of Tesla coil plans from my collection. My first coil was the “Big TC,” which I picked up at a thrift store after a science fair in circa 1982. I also built The Tesla High Frequency Transformer project from 73 when I was 16 years old. I know countless others who have built these same coils and I believe they would agree that those were pivotal moments in their lives, as they were for me. I will consider this new section a success if... continue reading »

The Weather Channel's "3 Scientists Walk into a Bar" Electric Weather Episode

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UPDATE: The 3-episode premiere will be reaired June 10th starting at 8PM CST and June 14th starting at 12PM CST.

Last night was the premier of The Weather Channel's new series "3 Scientists Walk into a Bar." But for those of you who missed the premier, it repeats tonight at 9PM CST on The Weather Channel.

The science behind weather and other natural phenomena is the show's focus. The show is hosted by Travis Taylor, Tara Long and Anthony Carboni and they take a tag-team approach to solving mysteries and finding answers to science questions in intriguing and thought-provoking ways.

Tesla Universe's Cameron B. Prince and Phillip Slawinski helped with several episodes including Tornadoes and Electric Weather which appeared in the 3-episode premier that airs again tonight. The Electric Weather episode features Travis playing guitar along with Phillip's twin DRSSTC coils being played by professional keyboard players. I perform experiments in a Faraday suit connected to our largest Tesla coil and assist Travis in determining if the rule-of-thumb is correct when estimating lightning's distance.

Working with the... continue reading »

Large Model Tornado Built for The Weather Channel's New Science Series

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Model tornado built for The Weather Channel series "3 Scientists Walk into a Bar."
Model tornado built for The Weather Channel series "3 Scientists Walk into a Bar."

It's only a few days until the premiere of “Three Scientists Walk into a Bar” on The Weather Channel. One of the episodes that will be airing next Sunday night (barring any last-minute schedule changes) features the model tornado I mentioned in the previous post. It was one of the coolest things I did while helping with the show and I wanted to share a few details about it.

Model tornado prototype testing.I had built a small model tornado when I was about 11 years old and already understood the basics of what was needed. But Travis wanted something big, like gymnasium-sized BIG, so we had our work cut out for us. We studied models built by others and set up the test rig you see in the photo... continue reading »

3 Scientists Walk into a Bar

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mI-fH8qgG7g"3 Scientists Walk into a Bar" is a new original series developed for The Weather Channel.Late last year my friend Travis Taylor called me and asked me to give him a hand with a new TV show he was hosting for The Weather Channel. Travis and I had worked together a few years ago on the National Geographic series Rocket City Rednecks and it was great to hear from him. Travis went on to tell me that the show would feature a variety of scientific experiments and of course I was eager to help. I met with Travis and one of the show's producers a week or so later to go over the details and I started work immediately on a 10 foot... continue reading »

Tesla Universe v2

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After more than 3 years of development, Tesla Universe v2 was quietly launched on May 1. The site is now powered by the Drupal open source content management system and includes many new features such as an enhanced Tesla timeline, new Tesla images and Tesla landmarks databases and much more. Mobile and tablet users should be pleasantly surprised as the site now adapts itself to any device.

Moving away from the proprietary system will allow me to focus more on content and many new features are in the works.

I hope you enjoy the new site and please let me know if you have questions or notice any problems.

Cameron B. Prince
Tesla Universe Webmaster

Ed Wingate Teslathon Article in Radio World

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Ed Wingate at the controls of his Tesla magnifier.
Ed Wingate at the controls of his Tesla magnifier.

Radio World recently published an article about our friend and great Tesla coil builder Ed Wingate. Here's an excerpt and link to the article. Congratulations Ed.

Teslathon Isn't About Expensive Cars

For nearly a quarter of a century, a small group of Nikola Tesla faithful have gathered in Brockport, N.Y., just a few miles from where the Serbian electrical genius helped to engineer the world's first hydroelectric generating plant and forever established the superiority of alternating current for electrical distribution. They meet to pay homage to the inventor.

The occasion is a “Teslathon” sponsored in the late summer by Tesla enthusiast Ed Wingate. Admission is limited to a few dozen persons and some travel thousands of miles to pay homage to Tesla and witness the unleashing of manmade thunderbolts in Wingate's lab.

Read the complete article