Newly Discovered Photos of the Launching of the S.S. Nikola Tesla

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I was recently contacted by Nancy Prospero Anderson of Gaylord, Michigan. Nancy explained that she had found several photos while cleaning the homes of deceased relatives. Some of the photos were taken of her relative, Etbin Kristan, at the launching of the S.S. Nikola Tesla on September 25th, 1943. Mr. Kristan was a Serbian freedom fighter, writer and Yugoslavian diplomat. He is featured in the photos along with Sava Kosanović, Nikola Tesla's nephew.

You can see enlargements of the photos or versions that include designations. Etbin Kristan is designated as number 12 and Sava Kosanović is number 4. If you know anything about the photos or can help identify the other parties shown in the photos, please leave a comment.

Cameron B. Prince
Tesla Universe Webmaster

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Anyone try looking up the U.S.S. Nikola Tesla? I can't seem to find any info on the ship. If you Goolge U.S.S. Nikola Tesla 1943 everything that comes up is about the Philadelphia Project. Are there pictures of this ship? What was the ships purpose? Was it a military vessel? If there is anyone who knows any of these facts I would like to hear them.

Thanks, Zack

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Hi Zack,

When I created the Tesla timeline, I included an entry and photo of the ship which came from the Master of Lightning book. You can see them here:

The launch is also mentioned in the Wizard book by Marc Seifer. I looked for additional information and photos without any luck. It seems it wasn't a well publicized event.

I did identify one other person in the photos. The women designated as number 7 is Charlotte Muzar. She was the secretary and assistant to Nikola Tesla's nephew Sava Kosanović.

Please let us know if you find any additional information.


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Thanks Cameron.

Most appreciated.

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Almost 40 years ago while living in Colorado Springs I read a book about Tesla that was reported to be hard to find. It was written a number of years before then (1970s) and published, I 'm pretty sure, in Denver. It included many details and photos I've not seen elsewhere. Unfortunately I've not seen the book again since then and cannot recall it's title. From this description does anyone recognize the book (it was only about Tesla and his life from birth to death) from this description?

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I just happened to read over this and I am a maritime historian and since Nikola Tesla is my inspiration and the way he done his work, lived his life, and never gave up, was a great inspiration to me...I will take some time to find the information and submit a report to this site when i have found what I am looking for If the ship had the U.S.S prefix it was definitely a naval vessel. If it has the SS prefix, it was a steamship. The year 1943 is leading me to believe it could have been a WWII naval vessel, right now I am just going on the information that you both wrote. I will give you a detailed report if I can uncover any more information.

Zack and Cameron, i will see what I can do. I have not read either one of those books, i would to, my time is really tied up with the book i am trying to finish right now and I hope to have done by the end of this year. I will take sometime to research this because it is of significant information to me as a maritime historian. I have access to materials and I know where to look for information about ship's that you guy's wouldn't even think of.
If you get any information or have any ideas, by all means, submit them to me.

Thank you,
Julianne Annemarie Troutman
Maritime Historian

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I thought Last name Kristan would be a slovene name. There were freedom fight
ers for the home guard under leon rupnik

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