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TCBA Volume 1 - Issue 1

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Correspondence from readers are welcome. Should a reply be desired, an SASE would be appreciated.

Hugo Gernsback

This first issue of TCBA News is dedicated to the memory of Hugo Gernsback. Mr. Gernsback published many of the early popular science, electrical, and radio magazines. Many of his articles accurately predicted the future in regard to man and his activities. The Experimenter magazine (see cover and pages 5&6) was but one of them. He often published articles on Nikola Tesla and Tesla coils.

Fleming On Tesla

J.A. Fleming, the pioneer in wireless telegraphy claimed that the oscillation transformer was in use prior to Tesla's researches. Anyone with data to support or refute this claim?

Classified Advertising

Should anyone wish to submit an advertisement (SALE, SWAP, OR WANTED), the rates will be $.50 per 8" line (12-14 words) for individuals, $1.00 per line for commercial institutions. Camera ready full page advertisements are $20, 1/2 page $15, 1/4 page $10, etc.. Please type or print your advertisement and be clear about the category!


TCBA is seeking articles from various sources on the subject of theory, design, and construction of Tesla coils. Write and describe your idea before submitting any text. There is no budget for payment. However, extra copies of TCBA NEWS will be provided.


Whenever information is available, there will be a WHERE-TO-BUY column. The purpose is to share information regarding the best sources for Tesla coil materials. It would be appreciated if you members would reveal your favorite source for such items as wire, capacitors, transformers, coil forms, etc.. Please signify if the supplier provides new, used, or government surplus items. Also, signify whether you consider it to be inexpensive, moderately expensive, expensive, or out of this world. Maybe it is just as well that the latter source be omitted.


It has been a long time since there has been a source of good old cotton covered wires. Enamel, Formvar, and similar types of insulation are the least desirable substances for Tesla coil wire. The best type of wire is one in which the insulation is just thick enough to provide proper spacing of the conductors without the necessity of reverting to turns spacing by applying fish line or similar non-conductors between the turns. If anyone has the answer to this problem, the members would certainly like to know about it.