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TCBA Member Activity

Jim Roddy

The term, “fan,” is derived from the word, fanatic. When it comes to Tesla coils Jim Roddy of Waldorf, Maryland, fits the definition very nicely. Jim has wound dozens of Tesla coils of all sizes, given many demonstrations, written a treatise on the design and construction of Tesla coils, and has acted as a consultant to institutions displaying TC's.

The version shown here spouting 10' arcs is powered by a 5Kva distribution transformer with an output of 12,000 volts. The flat primary coil of 8 turns is wound with 5/8" copper tubing. The 20" X 60" secondary was wound with 800 turns of #20 wire. Another version of this outfit includes an extension of the secondary resulting in even longer discharges. One of the most interesting accessory units that Jim has built is a star wheel rotary gap (shown in background). Driven by a 3/4 HP motor, the 20" diameter break revolves at 5500 rpm. We thank Jim for sharing this information with us.

Each issue of TCBA News will feature an article on member activity. Anyone wishing to be included in a future issue should send a good black and white photo of their coil no smaller than 5X7 and sufficient data describing the construction and operating details of their coil. Diagrams are also of value. Coil size is irrelevant. TCBA is interested in all facets of this subject.


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