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Tesla Coils On Display

The Griffith Observatory Tesla Coil

The Griffith Observatory Tesla Coil

The Griffith Observatory's Tesla coil is unique in two ways. For one, it has an interesting history. And secondly, it is of the conical type.

The coil was constructed and used by Dr. Frederick Finch Strong, a physician who applied it to electro-therapeutic (diathermy) treatment of patients. Dr. Strong was a great believer in the capabilities of electro-therapeutics. The coil was also used in stage demonstrations of high frequency phenomena. Several articles describing Dr. Strong's high frequency work were carried in the early electrical magazines.

The circuit utilizes a capacitor made up of 29 copper plates 14" X 15" X .002" thick, each placed between sheets of glass 24" X 30" X 3/8" thick. The spark gap is of the rotary type, a phenolic wheel with 14 copper electrodes turning at 1800 rpm. The power transformer delivers 15,000 volts at 2000 watts. Safety devices are used to protect the a.c. line. Circuit details are shown on page 8.

We wish to thank Dr. E.C. Krupp, Director of the Griffith Observatory, for his assistance in this article.

TCBA will continue to feature Tesla Coils On Display as long as such information is available. Anyone who is aware of such public displays should forward the name and address of the institution to the editor of TCBA News.