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TCBA Volume 20 - Issue 1

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Anthony DeAngelis with a sign he had found in an antique store

When Anthony DeAngelis visited the Boston Museum of Science for the first time, he fell in love. But this romance was instigated by the sight of a vacuum tube Tesla coil built by Harold P. Strand. Anthony was so inspired that he not only became an expert at Tesla coil building but for many years has served as a volunteer at the Museum. Among other projects, Anthony assisted the Museum in the design and construction of a large Tesla coil now on display.

One day, he happened to visit the spare parts room at the Museum. His attention became focused on a vacuum tube Tesla coil in pitiful condition. He at once recognized it as the same Tesla coil he had seen when a young lad. Apparently, the instrument had deteriorated and was taken out of service. Anthony's heart jumped with joy when a supervisor agreed to let Anthony bring the Strand Tesla coil back to life. It is now fully restored and back on display. A happy ending to a long romance.