The Nuclear Tourist - Front Cover

The Nuclear Tourist

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In the brutal confines of The Facility, the most brilliant minds in history are resurrected and cloned. Isolated and approaching breaking point, at just seventeen Dane is one of their rising stars. Sent to Chernobyl to investigate a series of inexplicable deaths, linked only by the presence of a rare nuclear isotope, an accident propels Dane into the past. For the first time Dane experiences friendship and belonging. Can he find a way back to his own time? Should he sacrifice his freedom in order to save the world from the terror lurking in the depths of Reactor Four?
The Tesla Resistance - Front Cover

The Tesla Resistance

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Tesla’s inventions have rewritten history. Just how much has been rewritten, Elina and Tipp Cavalier are about to find out. On the run from an unknown force, the Cavalier children find themselves, once again, in over their heads. Can the past be rewritten? Is the future etched in stone? Time will tell. This is the exciting sequel to The Tesla Connection, which found brother and sister Tipp and Elina Cavalier hurled back in time, after inadvertently switching on a machine of Nikola Tesla’s making. But time travel has consequences...
The Tesla Connection - Front Cover

The Tesla Connection

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Nikola Tesla is one of the world’s most amazing inventors that most people haven’t heard of. Elina Cavalier and her brother Tipp certainly hadn’t. Not until they found one of Tesla’s machines in the basement of their great-grandfather’s island mansion. They and the world are about to find out just how important one of Tesla’s inventions really is... it’s about time. A great family adventure full of mystery, intrigue, science and history. The story takes place in New York and spans the generations of the Cavalier family. It follows the adventures through the eyes of Elina and Tipp, a ten and... continue reading »
Tesla's Signal Cover Image

Tesla's Signal

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The Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) is the developer of the alternating current electrical system which the world has used for over 100 years. Thus, he can rightly be called “the father of the industrial age.” And yet until recently, his name was virtually invisible. When I first learned his story, it seemed so incredible that I said “this is a science fiction story that practically writes itself!” Tesla's Signal is a work of fiction. While the first few chapters are loosely based on real events in Tesla's life, my portrayal of Tesla's thoughts, character and unusual... continue reading »
The Inventor: The Story of Tesla cover

The Inventor: The Story of Tesla

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The Inventor: The Story of Tesla is a best selling nonfiction graphic novel based on the true story of Nikola Tesla and how he battled Thomas Edison in the epic AC/DC wars so he may bring light and energy to the four corners of the world. Prepare to step into a world where science and magic are cut from the same cloth, where men turn night into day and where lightning strikes not from natures force, but from the fury of great minds. From his journey through his childhood in Serbia to his immigration to America and subsequent revolutionary creations, Tesla was introduced to some of history’s... continue reading »
Cover of "Lightning: A Novel" book

Lightning: A Novel

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Inspired by the life of Nikola Tesla, often called “the man who invented the twentieth century,” Lightning is an utterly captivating tale of one man's fascination with the marvels of science. Hailed by the Washington Post as “the most distinctive voice of his generation,” novelist Jean Echenoz traces the notable career of Gregor, a precocious young engineer who travels from Eastern Europe across the Atlantic to work alongside Thomas Edison. In no time, Gregor begins to astound the world with countless brilliant inventions, including everything from radio, radar, and wireless communication to... continue reading »

Tesla's Peace Frequency: The Portrait of a Virtue

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Nikola Tesla is synonymous with the “Man who invented the 21st century.” The two are the same person. Nevertheless, about himself he wrote only a short 60-page autobiography, written in his early sixties, which he named “My Inventions.” Although he lived another 25 years he never added to his early writings, believing that everything important in his life was over. All his major inventions had been completed by then. What else was there to write about, thought this great man, in his infinite humility? Fortunately, such grand yet humble men leave many disciples behind them to write about them... continue reading »

The Five Fists of Science

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Steampunk Victoriana (or rather Edwardiana, since, although no proper date is given, Five Fists Of Science is almost certainly set in the 20th century) seems to hold an endless fascination for writers, and not least comics writers. We've had Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , Ian Edginton's Scarlet Traces , Grant Morrison's Sebastian O and Bryan Talbot's Luther Arkwright series, to name just a few off the top of my head. And now we have Matt Fraction's hugely enjoyable 'blockbuster' The Five Fists Of Science , which in a very similar vein purports to show us just what Nikola... continue reading »

Between Thunder and Lightning: A Novel Based on the Life of Nikola Tesla

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Force Fields: The Quest for Tesla's Weapon of Peace

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The story of enemy agents pursuing the genius into his grave for the technology. Recognizing Tesla's harmonic screen was capable of covering an entire city and disintegrating an attacking army or any airplane, Fitzgerald recruits the FBI and British MI in pursuit of the treacherous Italian. The Germans vow no one will claim Tesla's Hypersonic Tactical Weapon. The young Fitzgerald learns he cannot control the world. Chapters: 1. The Day After Tesla Dies (The Italians had already targeted Tesla, only to discover him dead.) 2. The Missing Inventory (The Yugoslavs 'steal' their family property.)... continue reading »