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United States Using Tesla Devices?

The October issue of Fate magazine carried a letter from a woman living in Virginia Beach. It was in regard to the testing of devices used by the U.S. Navy. “There was TV footage of a 'test boat.' It was more like a huge raft with large electric towers topped with what looked like glass disks on larger towers that conduct electricity...When the tests were conducted there were strong thunderstorms with 'dangerous lightning.' I now believe that the government is testing Tesla's ideas.” (tip from John T. Giles)

History Revised

A DeSoto Chemical Company advertisement features a pump that “uses an entirely new concept in pumping - boundary layer viscous drag.” The company claims “That this new concept allows their product to effectively pump any combination of high density, high viscosity, abrasive, aerated liquids with almost zero maintenance....” We all know that the principle is an old idea patented by Tesla back around 1909. A brochure by the Discflo Corp. does give credit to Tesla. “Nicola Tesla, the eccentric electrical genius of alternating current and the induction motor as well as his 'strange coils,' is credited with the conception of multiple disk turbomachinery early in this century.” The discrepancy between the two advertisements is unclear. (tip from James DiMichele)

Getting Cheaper

The latest AT&T catalog lists both the “White Lightning” and “Eye of the Storm” plasma globes for $69.50 each. That price is considerably lower than the original selling price. The catalog also lists other goodies. For more information, write to AT&T Consumer Direct Products and Services, P.O. Box 5029, Clifton, NJ 07015-9873.

Staying Alive

An article by David C. Toalson on ground fault electric shock and how to prevent it appeared in the November issue of Popular Electronics. It should be read by anyone who plugs an electric appliance into a wall receptacle.

Dave Archer's Art Getting Worldwide Attention

TCBA member and professional artist Dave Archer has been getting worldwide attention for his out-of-this-world paintings. His electric painting technique is being featured on THINGS TO COME, a British-produced documentary now currently airing throughout Europe. It will also be released for U.S. Television on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Other displays of Dave's art will be by Popular Science, Paramount Pictures, and the USSR Academy of Science. Archer's work has been shown by the Dorog Gallery in Beverly Hills and will be seen in Tokyo at the Space AD 2000 Gallery. Dave can be contacted at P.O. Box 150180, San Rafael, CA 94915 or (415) 457-2196.

Aurandt Receives Patent

Back in 1958, aerospace engineer Dick Aurandt set up a small Tesla coil on his breakfast table and started looking at an idea for forming a thermocouple junction. Dick worked on it from time-to-time in between life's interruptions. Just recently, he was awarded patent #4,950,865 - METHOD & APPARATUS for FORMING THERMOCOUPLE JUNCTIONS. The summary of the invention states, “A thermocouple is formed by applying a controlled grounded, high frequency, high voltage source to one end of two leads which are located in an argon or helium gas atmosphere. The source causes a corona to form at the opposite end of the leads, creating a high quality thermocouple in an easily controlled process.” Dick Aurandt is a member of TCBA and carries the title, “Wizard of the West.” Dick was featured on the cover of TCBA NEWS, Volume 4, #2.

The Good Guys vs The Bad Guys

This is to let you know that I very much appreciated those members who included their membership number when renewing their TCBA NEWS subscriptions. It sure made my task easier. As for you other guys, I am sending an invitation to come and sit in my demonstration electric chair (tsk).

Don't Wait

It doesn't happen very often but once in a while someone's subscription order gets lost in the shuffle. If you don't get your issue by the middle of the due month, drop me a line. Your issue (inside the United States) should get to you by the 15th of January, April, July, and October. One subscriber sent me a hostile letter because he hadn't received an issue in over 8 months. Why wait so long? Here I sit while enjoying my coffee and donut thinking all is well with the world. Instead of seething in anger, just inform me of the problem and it will be corrected. No mind reader am I. Don't wait!