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TCBA Volume 10 - Issue 1

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WHERE TO BUY: Test equipment, power supplies, wire and cable, unique electronic assemblies & gadgets, etc. Tucker Surplus Store, 1717 Reserve St., Garland, TX 75042

SALE: BOOK, PRACTICAL WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY by E. Bucher (very good condition except for a small cut on spine), 3 small holes alongside back edge of spine, slight wear at corners. $7.50 from the Book Cellar at Traveler Restaurant, Route I-84, Exit 74, Union, CT 06076 (tip received as of August, 1990)

WHERE TO BUY: TEST EQUIPMENT of all kinds. A-COMM ELECTRONICS, 1181 E. 33rd Ave., Unit B., Aurora, CO 80010 (303) 343-4706

WHERE TO BUY: TEST EQUIPMENT (signal generators, oscilloscopes, etc.) Tartan Electronics, P.O. Box 36841 Tucson, AZ 85740 (602) 577 1022

SALE: TEST EQUIPMENT, R&D ASSOCIATES, 514 West Ave., N. Augusta, SC 29841. (803) 278-0744. Will supply a a catalog if you send a 2 stamp SASE

SALE: VINTAGE TEST EQUIPMENT at reasonable prices. Northwest Electronics Surplus, 2509 W. 11th Ave., Eugene, Oregon 97402 (503) 485-3016

SALE: ELECTRONIC AND ELECTRICAL TEST EQUIPMENT, Kentronix, P.O. Box 2444, Allaire Airport, Hwy 34, Farmingdale, New Jersey, 07727

SALE: STANCOR PLATE TRANSFORMER (P 8034), new condition, 5800 VCT at 375 ma, 115/230 volt primary (65 lbs), $65 plus UPS shipping. Rene Jaeger, 25 Barberry Hill, Woodstock, VT 05091 (802) 457-2821 (eve or weekends)

WANTED: NEON SIGN TRANSFORMERS, 9 KV at 60 ma, plexiglass tubing in short lengths with diameter of 2-6 inches; rubber or silicone covered wire. Rene Jaeger (address and phone as above)

WHERE TO BUY: GOLD ANODIZED SPHERES, 4-5-6-8" diameters from $21.50 to $40. The spheres have a thread for mounting. Available from Carrot-top Industries, 437 Dimmocks Mill Road, P.O. Box 820, Hillsborough, NC 27278 (tip from Marc House)

SALE: AUTOTRANSFORMERS (VARIACS); (A)Large stacked units for 240 volts at 56 amps $335, (B)240 volt at 28 amps $165; (C)120 volt at 20 amps, $115; (D)240/120 volt at 9 amps $65; (E)Some at lower prices with no dial plate plus too many more to list. All orders plus UPS charges. Please send an SASE with description of your needs. Bob Svangren, 112 E 16th, Kennewick, WA 99337

SALE: TESLA HANDBOOK VOLUME II. This has been written to supplement the original Tesla handbook. The TESLA HANDBOOK VOLUME II and computer programs are available from J.H. Couture, 10823 New Salem Point, San Diego, CA 92126. An SASE will bring you a descriptive sheet.

SALE: (1) 12 KV, 5 KVA POLE HOG, $75 (very heavy); (1) 11 kv, 73 ma Thordarson RE 12192 (a little rusty) $20; (1) Sangamo SQS11 11 kv at 73 ma (says 400 cycles on it), $20; (1) 60 kv DC, 8 ma power supply. The transformer (removable) produces 25 kv at 22 ma, $35; (1) Large adjustable neutralizing capacitor (might make a good quench gap, $15. Shipping extra on all items. Dan Smith, 65 enterprise #41, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

SALE: TECHNICAL BOOKS (over 50), old magazines; I still have some violet rays left, a few vintage test instruments, diathermy and X ray stuff. SASE for list (specify your interest) TCBA, 3 Amy Lane, Queensbury, NY 12804

SALE: NEON SIGN TRANSFORMERS, 12 KV & 15 KV AT 30 MA, $20 OR $30 (depending on rust, dents, leaks, etc.) plus shipping. Rene Jaeger, 25 Barberry Hill, Woodstock, VT 05091 (802) 457-2821 (eves. or weekends)

SALE: HIGH FREQUENCY APPARATUS by Curtis (1916 reprint), HOME MADE LIGHTNING (electrostatic project book), NIKOLA TESLA experiments, inventions (two reprints), THE WIMSHURST MACHINE (1908 reprint), and other books in electricity and electronics. Available from Book Division, Industrial Micro, Box 596, Logan, Utah 84321. Send for current catalog. (please mention that you saw it in TCBA NEWS)