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TCBA Volume 3 - Issue 1

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How to Build a Giant Tesla Coil


Often two persons standing several feet from the operating coil and in no way connected to it, can draw short sparks by touching their fingers together. At night or in a darkened room, the corona effect about the coil and wires is beautiful. An electric pinwheel of the well-known type with spark streams from the points, can be revolved at surprising speed when pivoted on one of the coil terminals.

Details of the condenser unit are given above. The condensers can be built in three or four rubber or glass jars to obtain flexibility or adjustment by connecting them in parallel.
Full data for building the Tesla resonator will be found here. The secondary coil is 48 inches long and 12 inches in diameter.

Book Report

TCBA has investigated the possible reprinting of the T.S. Curtis book, HIGH FREQUENCY APPARATUS. This is one of the classic publications on Tesla coils which deserve to be made available to the membership.

Contact was made with the Adams Press, a quality printing firm in Chicago. The firm requires a minimum order for 250 copies. A hardback order printed in offset would come to $2,926.00. That would bring the cost of an individual book to around $12. TCBA would require an additional small percentage to insure coverage of all expenses.

The status of the project at this time is in limbo as I am not confident that we could dispense with the entire 250 copies. I'd be more apt to go ahead with this project if 100 copies could be ordered. TCBA will continue to investigate this subject and will keep you notified of any progress.

Fact Sheet

TCBA has reprinted a new fact sheet for use in bringing in new members. It is printed on yellow stock and replaces all earlier sheets. Those who still have a supply of the older fact sheets should discard them and request the updated form.

Anyone wishing a supply may have some by dropping me a card. Put your membership # in the lower right hand corner. Any new membership application arriving with your number on them gets you an extension of your membership by one copy. Bring in four new members and get a year's subscription free.


I experienced a pleasant surprise when member A1 Kolkin (Brooklyn) showed up for a short visit this past summer. A1 was vacationing at famous Saratoga and decided to stop in for some Tesla coil talk.

And as the autumn colors began to emerge, who should appear but Ed Angell (California). He and lovely Janice were exploring the northeast. I heard by the grapevine that they fell in love with the beauty of the region and purchased some land in Vermont.

It sure was a treat to meet some TCBA members in person. Unfortunately, my Tesla coil collection is in storage so I was unable to fire up a lightning storm.