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TCBA Volume 14 - Issue 1

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A Tribute to Richard L. Hull & TCBOR

John Plyler

Richard has surely done more than anyone in the inspiration of coil building with his video tapes and papers on synergism/harmony, Nikola Tesla's Colorado Springs laboratory, some thoughts on modern Tesla coil construction materials and techniques, etc.

Richard has many tapes that he offers covering every phase of modern coil building from the ground up, even taking you by the hand showing you how to build your own polyethylene capacitors. Our little club in Denver would never have gotten off the ground and running or where it is now without Richard and the TCBOR tapes.

Even if you have no intention of building a coil, but just like to watch the big sparks, you can do it in the TV room where it's safe. The only thing you're going to be missing is the smell of ozone.

All you need to do is put a couple of bucks in an envelope and tell Richard you'd like a copy of his “Video Tape Guide” and you are going to get your money's worth and then some. Send your request to Richard L. Hull, 7103 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA 23228.

My special thanks to Richard and his video tapes, to his group at TCBOR and all the guys that shared in them.

Tesla Widows & Therapy

Bob Svangren

Ya say you obtained a slight interest in Tesla coils from some article you read and ordered some coil plans? And ya say these coil plans changed your slight interest into a passion and then into a full blown obsession? And ya say you started designing your coil and scrounging components and ended up with a half ton of neon transformers and used capacitors all of which promptly went up in smoke? And ya say your looking for more and better and expensive components and that your spending free time thinking about your next Tesla project?

Meanwhile, the little wife sits in the house not only lonely but in a total state of confusion. She wonders what this nut is up to and why there wasn't enough money for her new dress, and why the kids get only tennis shoes instead those made of leather, and why not one house chore has been done and why your life seems so fulfilled that romance is totally out of the question?

Well fellows, we Tesla coil nuts have to do something different. We have to learn how to be devious, clever, and downright sneaky in a way that enables us to handle the situation. I recommend the following:

  1. Try to bribe her with a new dress but make sure that you get your new capacitor at the same time.
  2. Spend a little more time with her but the very second she gets on the phone or goes to get the groceries, you head for the workshop.
  3. She doesn't really want to talk about Tesla coils so make her feel like she is a part of what you are doing. This should buy you some time.
  4. You don't have to lie or be dishonest with her but if you're smart enough to build a Tesla coil you should also be smart enough to be devious and sneaky in order to get this magnificent coil built.
  5. Say to yourself over and over, “Tesla research must go on.”
  6. If possible, don't give up on romance totally or you can kiss the little wife and the coil project goodbye. Also, read and follow all of the safety rules as listed in the T.C.B.A. newsletter. Otherwise, you will meet uncle Nick sooner than you think and the little woman will be a permanent widow.
  7. Even if your coil doesn't function as well as you thought it would, always strive to make it look like a work of art. If we fill the world with ugly coils, Mr. “T” will surely kick his dirt off and come back to haunt us all.
    PS. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our wives liked to build Tesla coils?


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