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Air (dry air at 1 atm)1.000630 - 70
Air (20 atm, 19 deg. C)1.0108500*
Carbon dioxide (1 atm, 0 deg. C)1.00098536*
Carbon dioxide (20 atm, 15 deg. C)1.020
Hydrogen (1 atm, 0 deg.C)1.00026426.1*
Amonia (liquid)22
Carbon tetrachloride2.24 8
Chlorinated diphenyl6.5 9
Ethyl Alcohol (O C)28.4
Ethyl alchohol (20 deg.C)25.8
Methyl alchohol33.1
Water (distilled)80 - 81


  • * = Measured in Kilovolts per centimeter. All others are Volts per mil (.001 inch) unless otherwise stated.
  • 1 = Vulcanized means it has been melted, or heated in some way.
  • 2 = Cambric is a finely woven white linen or cotton fabric.
  • 3 = Gutta Percha is a rubbery substance made from the latex of tropical trees and is used in insulation, waterproofing, and dentist use it in thin sheets sometimes when working on teeth.
  • 4 = Amber is a hard, translucent, yellow, orange, or brownish yellow fossil resin, used in making ornamental objects like jewelry.
  • 5 = Slate is a fine grained metamorphic rock that splits into thin smooth faced layers. Black Boards for writting are made of this. Also used as roofing material in some areas.
  • 6 = Casein is a white, tasteless, oderless milk and cheese protein used in the manufacture of plastics, glues, paints, and food. The word 'moulded' means it has been shaped by a mold.
  • 7 = Formica is a trademark for any of various high-pressure laminated plastic sheets of melamine and phenolic materials used for chemical and heat-resistant surfaces.
  • 8 = Carbon tetrachloride is a very toxic substance. It has also been shown to cause cancer in lab animals. It is banned in most labs. It is a liquid that was used as a strong solvent.
  • 9 = Chlorinated diphenyl is a liquid dielectric that is used to impregnate Kraft paper in small A.C. capacitors. This is a PCB and may cause cancer, handle carefully.
  • A = Polytetrafluorethylene films retain good properties even at 200 degrees Celsius (200 C).
  • atm = atmospheres (pressure of air at sea level is 1 atm).
  • deg.C = degrees Celsius.

Warning - Some liquids and gases listed may be explosive under the right conditions. Many solids can catch fire and burn. Use CAUTION and GOOD COMMON SENSE.

Note: Some books gave very different values for each substance so I have given you the highest and lowest values reported. The values will depend on the purity of the substance your using. If you know your substance is very pure then use the higher value reported. If you know your substance is contaminated or of poor quality then use the lower values reported. If you have unknown purity then use the average of the values given.


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