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TCBA Volume 12 - Issue 1

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In the Morning Mail

“How can so much solid information be packed in such a slim volume? I especially like the overall tone of the newsletter - technical in the nuts-and-bolts area without too much advanced math, and speculative toward possible new things without the metaphysical gobblegook unfortunately associated with Nikola Tesla. Also, I appreciate the humor evident from many of the members. I hope the association will remain for some time to come.” (Dale Travous)

“I wish to thank you for an excellent publication that has led to numerous contacts around the nation with some of the friendliest and most helpful people I have ever met.” (2nd Lt. S.E. Clayton)

“I enjoy your publication and being a member of a great organization. Your work is very much appreciated.” (Tom Hamilton)

“I am astounded that one person can carry out your activities with such success and enthusiasm...I don't know how TCBA could survive without you.” (Edward A. Dent, Jr.)

“It would truly be a catastrophe for us to lose YOU, Harry, as one of our leading guideposts in this fun and wonderful hobby! Please take care of yourself and continue to broadcast your news and the TCBA which links us all together.” (Steve T. Cole)

“Without your association, my Tesla coil activities would still be in the dark ages.” (Marvin Rosen)

“I am looking forward to another year of what I consider to be a publication that is informative and plain fun to read!” (Myron J. Boyajian)

“You have a very large fan club who admires you and your newsletter.” (Leo Dringoli)

“Someone once wrote and asked you about high voltage doubled circuits. An article on this topic appeared in the 1993 Electronic Experimenters Handbook.” (Ed Kagle)

“God bless you for all the years of hard work to bring us the TCBA News. Without it, we would be staring into the maw of a veritable black hole as far as anything on Tesla goes.” (Daniel T. Sandefur)

“Thanks for putting out such a unique publication. I enjoy it!” (William Toman)


SALE: Spheres 11" diameter, .050 thick aluminum, $75 each (shipping included); ceramic caps, .001 mfd @ 15 kv DC, $1.40 each; high voltage diodes, 20 kv @ 25 ma, $2.50 each. Robert Mann, 405 1/2 West St., Upland, CA 91786 (714) 985-1166

WANTED: 12" diameter or larger hollow metal sphere. Would like one with a 6 1/2-8" hole in it. Also want an 8-12" diameter toroid for Tesla coil. Both must be smooth (no ridges or rims) and at a reasonable price. Contact Jerry Gore, 3301 Collins Blvd., Garland, TX 75044. (214) 414-2747.

WHERE TO BUY: Miscellaneous electrical items from Electrical & Metal Recovery, 4578 Cole Road, Syracuse, NY 13215 (315) 492-1144. SASE for catalog.

WANTED: Starting a Tesla Ham Network. If interested, send name, call letters, QTH (City & State), Packet BBS (if available), NETS (such as 2 meter, 10 meter, 40 meter, etc.). Bill Wysock, 2527 Treelane Ave., Monrovia CA 91016. (818) 359-1373). The information will be printed in TCBA News.

Please mention TCBA when ordering.