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TCBA Volume 19 - Issue 1

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Timing Motor and Switch (S2). Assemble the motor and switch as in Figs. 8 and 9. If you're using a counterclockwise motor, position the four switch contacts as shown; otherwise, reverse orientation of the switch contacts.

Connect stationary switch contacts 1 and 3 together and 2 and 4 together; use solder lugs beneath the mounting screws to make it easier to solder the leads. Also, solder a 10" lead to each pair of contacts. Then fasten the switch assembly to the bottom of the chassis with two 2" machine screws and two 1 1/2" wood dowels; the motor faces down.

Final Wiring. Mount T1 so it will clear the coils when the chassis lid is put on. When wiring the rest of the unit, make sure leads are long enough for the lid to be removed without having to break the connections. Turn the rotary contact by hand and note the pressure between it and the stationary contacts: there should be just enough pressure to make contact without slowing down the motor.

Installation. Plug the unit in, and adjust the contacts so a lamp will go out just before the flip ring reaches it. When all adjustments have been made, arrange the wiring neatly inside the chassis to prevent interference with the operation of the motor.

A New Tesla Biography

Tesla: The Modern Socerer by Daniel Stewart is a fictionalized account of Tesla's life. It follows closely the events so thoroughly recorded in other biographies but adds fictionalized conversations that Tesla may have made with his contemporaries. Readers will find Stewarts imagination quite reasonable. The 426 page biography is written more for the junior-senior high school student and would be only of passing interest to the academic researcher.

In the Morning Mail

“It's my opinion that your quarterly magazine has done more to keep the spirit of Tesla alive, over the years, than anything else, including all the other magazines and we deeply appreciate your labors. After 18 years, you appear to be the only one left still standing.” (James F. Corum)

“I was surprised to read of your mention of Exotic Research in Volume 14, #4. This group is run by Steve Elswick, the same person who once was affiliated with the International Tesla Society, an organization which you were so highly critical.” (E.K. Armstrong)

“I look forward to each issue and appreciate the articles which continue to provide a greater historical perspective on Nikola Tesla.” (James Morford)

“I have enjoyed each and every issue of TCBA. The day it arrives in the mail, all else stops until I read it cover-to-cover - Twice!” (Hildon Gold)

“I so enjoy my copy of TCBA NEWS. When it arrives in the mail, it is like meeting old friends for a get-together.” (Myron Boyajian)

New Members*

David KulinskiOdessa, TX
K.O.G. Alarm Co.Colton, CA
Howard CraigToganga, CA
Paul RecuperoPortsmouth, RI
Peter BarvoetsLoudonville, NY
Joseph M. BradyHuntingdon, PA
Dick HamlySpringfield, VA


John SutterSunnyvale, CA
Time FloodN. Lawrence, OH

* As of November 1, 1999

Harry's List

As promised, I have made up another list of miscellaneous items from the warehouse (read barn). Some properties have been carried over from the last list while others are recently added. Send a $.55 stamped, self-addressed envelope to your editor at 3 Amy Lane, Queensbury, NY 12804


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