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TCBA Volume 19 - Issue 1

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Fig. 71.

The resonance effects obtained during the operation of a Tesla coil are very marked, and their study may lead to the solution of the problems of communication between distant points without the use of other conducting media than the atmosphere. But the main use to which the Tesla currents have been put is that of artificial illumination. These currents have enabled experimenters to obtain a high luminosity in vacua by the aid of only one conducting wire - in fact, in some cases without the utilization of any conductor than the air. An ordinary incandescent lamp connected to one terminal of the coil will show in a fair degree some of the luminescent phenomena. The brush effects from the terminals of the secondary coil are extremely marked and interesting; but to detail the experiments that can be performed with the Tesla disruptive coil would be an impossibility here. Reference is recommended to the published works of Nikola Tesla, which happily are readily procurable.


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Literature Received

C&H SALES CO., 2176 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107. Offers a 150 page catalog of electro-mechanical devices.

HERBACH & RADEMAN, 16 Roland Ave., Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. Sends out a catalog titled “This Month.” Issue 1999, #4 consists of 113 pages of electro-mechanical surplus items.

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