The original cover art for Margaret Cheney's Tesla - Man out of Time

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February, 1883: Tesla's Strasbourg Assignment

On assignment by Continental Edison Company, Tesla was sent to Strasbourg, France to repair a new D.C. lighting system installed at the German Railway company which was damaged on a trial run. The government approved the job after the repairs, but Tesla never received the compensation he was promised for the work.

June 10th, 1883: Tesla Demonstrates A.C. Motor

Tesla demonstrates newly completed A.C. induction motor before Mr. Bauzin, former mayor of Strasbourg, and several potential investors. They watched the motor with interest, but it was apparent they did not understand the value of the invention.

Château des Rohan, Strasbourg, France.
Château des Rohan, Strasbourg, France.
Château des Rohan, Strasbourg, France. Strasbourg Quay from a lithograph found in Tesla's papers. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg. Strasbourg, France. Tesla's first A.C. induction motor. The Strasbourg railway station.