The original cover art for Margaret Cheney's Tesla - Man out of Time

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February 24th, 1893: Tesla Lectures In Philadelphia

"On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena" lecture is given before the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia.

March 1st, 1893: Tesla Lectures In St. Louis

"On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena" lecture is given before the National Electric Light Association in St. Louis, Missouri.

May 1st, 1893: Columbian Exposition

In 1892 George Westinghouse won the contract to power the Columbian Exposition. The Westinghouse company, with Tesla's guidance, built a power system for the exposition that produced three times more energy than was being utilized by the entire remainder of Chicago. Tesla had a large display including phosphorescent lighting (a precursor to fluorescent lamps) powered without wires by high-frequency fields and the Egg of Columbus. The success of the Tesla Polyphase System installed at the exposition ensured Westinghouse would be selected to harness Niagara.

August 25th, 1893: Tesla Lectures In Chicago

"Mechanical and Electrical Oscillators" lecture is given before the members of the International Electrical Congress at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois.

October 24th, 1893: Niagara Contract Awarded

Westinghouse is awarded the initial Niagara Falls contract signifying the end of "The War of the Currents."

The Westinghouse (Sawyer-Man) "stopper lamp."
The Westinghouse (Sawyer-Man) "stopper lamp."
The Westinghouse (Sawyer-Man) "stopper lamp." The "Electricity Hall" of the Columbian Exposition. The lecture hall of the Franklin Institute. Primary Westinghouse A.C. polyphase generator used to power the fair. Westinghouse generating equipment used to power trolleys. The original Franklin Institute of Philadelphia. The spectacular "City of Light" at the Columbian Exposition. Tesla's display at the Columbian Exposition. An admission ticket to the Columbian Exposition. Westinghouse A.C. switchboard used to power the fairgrounds. The Niagara Commission, led by the renowned Lord Kelvin.