The original cover art for Margaret Cheney's Tesla - Man out of Time

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1925: Tesla Moves To Hotel Penn.

For unknown reasons, Tesla rents another room at the Hotel Pennsylvania and makes it his primary residence while continuing to rent the room at Hotel Marguery. He confided in Kenneth Swezey, telling him that the room at Hotel Marguery was for meeting "special" friends and acquaintances.

1925: Katharine Johnson Dies

Katharine McMahon Johnson was, according to some accounts, the only woman Tesla ever loved. She was the wife of Tesla's lifelong friend, Robert Underwood Johnson. Though the two often exchanged flirtatious letters, their relationship was totally platonic. Not forgetting Tesla even at death, she charged Robert to keep in close touch with him always.

1925: Tesla Office On Madison Ave.

For unknown reasons, Tesla relocates his office from 8W 40th St. to 350 Madison Ave. By 1928, maintaining an office had become too burdensome and it was closed for good.

The beautiful Katharine McMahon Johnson.
The beautiful Katharine McMahon Johnson.
The beautiful Katharine McMahon Johnson. The Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City. The extravagant lobby of the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Hotel Pennsylvania letterhead from the time Tesla resided there. Katharine McMahon Johnson, one of Tesla's closest friends. A rendering of the building at 350 Madison Ave. (Borden Building) where Tesla once had an office.