The original cover art for Margaret Cheney's Tesla - Man out of Time

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May 25th, 1924: Hotel St. Regis Sues Tesla

Tesla left the Hotel St. Regis owing a debt of over $3,000. After having moved out over six months earlier and never making an effort to resolve the debt, Tesla was sued for the balance. Shortly afterward, a sheriff's deputy was sent to Tesla's office at 8W 40th St. to seize furnishings in order to satisfy the debt. Tesla managed to persuade the officer to grant him an extension.

1924: Tesla Meets Meštrović

Ivan Meštrović, internationally renowned Croatian sculptor, visits New York City where he meets Tesla. They became good friends and admirers of each other and later exchanged numerous letters.

Internationally renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović.
Internationally renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović.