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June 26th, 1906: Stanford White Murdered

Because of his involvement in a love triangle, White was shot and killed while attending the opening of Madison Square Garden's roof show in the building he had designed, leaving Wardenclyffe as his final creation.

July 10th, 1906: Tesla Turbine Made Public

In an article published on his 50th birthday, Tesla announced his bladeless turbine to the world. The invention was based on adhesion and viscosity, two fundamental properties of all fluids.

1906: Wardenclyffe Workers Laid Off

Tesla made great efforts to obtain funding for the Wardenclyffe project after J.P. Morgan withdrew his support, but was unsuccessful. Unable to pay his employees, he was forced to lay them off and construction of the tower ceases.

1906: Air-Friction Speedometer

Tesla was contracted by Waltham Watch Company to build the world's first and only air-friction speedometer, which he also patented. It was used in Packard, Lincoln and Pierce-Arrow luxury cars.

Renowned architect, Stanford White.
Renowned architect, Stanford White.
Renowned architect, Stanford White. A Waltham Company advertisement featuring the Tesla speedometer. Tesla's air-friction speedometer manufactured by the Waltham Company. An 18-inch Tesla turbine with the cover removed to display the rotor.