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January 25th, 1937: Doctorate, Univ. of Poitiers

Certificate of honorary doctorate from the University of Poitiers.

March 7th, 1937: Serbian Royal Academy

Tesla was the first scientist nominated for permanent membership of the Serbian Royal Academy of Sciences, but wasn't initially elected. On this date, when he was notified that he was elected for full membership in this renowned institution, Tesla didn't even respond to the telegram. Although they asked him to send his curriculum vitae in order to print it in their annual, the annual was published without this text.

July 11th, 1937: Order Of The White Lion

Mr. Hurban, presenting the Grand Cordon of the White Lion said "Our Czechoslovak nation's brotherly feeling toward you as a son of Yugoslavia made it a duty, not a privilege, to give you this decoration in the name of the president of our nation, Dr. Eduard Benes." He also presented a diploma certifying Dr. Tesla's honorary degree as a doctor of the University of Prague.

July 20th, 1937: Marconi Dies At Age 63

Marconi died in Rome following a series of heart attacks and Italy held a state funeral for him. As a tribute, all radio stations throughout the world observed two minutes of silence. His remains are housed in the Villa Griffone at Sasso Marconi, Emilia-Romagna, which assumed that name in his honor in 1938.

August, 1937: Tesla Hit By Taxicab

One night around midnight, Tesla left the Hotel New Yorker to feed his pigeons in the park. While crossing the street, he was struck by a taxicab and, by some reports, was thrown 35 to 40 feet. Tesla returned to his hotel and later stated, "It merely caused customary bruises and upset my digestion a bit." Other accounts indicate three ribs were broken. Tesla refused treatment and remained in his room for many months.

October 14th, 1937: Robert Johnson Dies

Tesla's lifelong friend, Robert Underwood Johnson, dies. Johnson was a writer, poet, diplomat and editor of "Century Magazine." He was very active socially and introduced Tesla to many important people of the time.

November 6th, 1937: Doctorate, Paris

The University of Paris awarded Nikola Tesla the Dr. Honoris Causa of technical science.

1937: A Weapon To End War

Tesla, realizing war was imminent, composed a treatise entitled "The Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-dispersive Energy through the Natural Media" concerning a charged particle beam weapon. The document was published in an attempt to expound on the technical description of a "super weapon that would put an end to all war." Tesla tried to interest the U.S. War Department and European allies, but none were willing to make the investment required to build the device.

Certificate of honorary doctorate from the University of Poitiers.
Certificate of honorary doctorate from the University of Poitiers.
Certificate of honorary doctorate from the University of Poitiers. Marchese Guglielmo Marconi. Tesla presented with the Grand Cordon of the White Lion. Certificate of Dr. Honoris Causa from the University of Paris. The White Lion, the highest order of the Czech Republic given to foreigners. Robert Underwood Johnson, one of Tesla's closest friends. Certificate of permanent membership of the Serbian Royal Academy. An illustration of Tesla's vision of future wars fought by machines.