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May 16th, 1888: Tesla's Speech Before AIEE

"A New System of Alternate-Current Motors and Transformers" paper was read before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (now the IEEE) at Columbia University in New York.

July 7th, 1888: Tesla Sells A.C. Patents

Tesla sells patents for A.C. Polyphase System to George Westinghouse for $25,000 in cash, $50,000 in notes and a royalty of $2.50 per horsepower for each motor.

1888: Travels To Pittsburgh

Tesla travels to Westinghouse headquarters in Pittsburgh to finalize the contract for the A.C. Polyphase system and to help develop his motor. He stays there for around one year.

George Westinghouse.
George Westinghouse.
George Westinghouse. Westinghouse's Pittsburgh laboratory where Tesla developed A.C. equipment. Columbia University, New York City. The Westinghouse plant near Pittsburgh. The Westinghouse Electric Company headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. A.C. generators used to power the Westinghouse plant in Pittsburgh, PA.