The original cover art for Margaret Cheney's Tesla - Man out of Time

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May 3rd, 1907: 25 Million H.P. Magnifier

In an article entitled "Tesla's Tidal Wave To Make War Impossible," from "English Mechanic and World of Science," Tesla states that his magnifying transmitter has obtained rates of 25 million horsepower.

May 27th, 1907: N.Y. Academy Of Sciences

It had been just over ten years since Tesla lectured on X-rays before the New York Academy of Sciences when they elected him as an active member.

1907: Office At 165 Broadway

Eager to locate alternate funding for the Wardenclyffe project, Tesla opens an office at 165 Broadway, which is now 1 Liberty Plaza, and begins work on other inventions such as propulsion systems and the vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

The City Investing Building, New York City.
The City Investing Building, New York City.
The City Investing Building, New York City. Certificate of membership for the New York Academy of Sciences.